News for December 2017

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Hi Folks!

The signed Limited Edition and Lettered Edition of Gwendy’s Button Box is just about ready to get rolling at the printer. The special order binding materials took nearly two months to arrive from the manufacturer, which was longer than expected, but the book will be queued up to print first after the printer reopens after their holiday break. Printing and binding time will be approximately twelve weeks and then the cases will take another twelve to fourteen weeks after the books are completed.

The Limited Edition COINS for these books, which will also serve as their Numbering/Lettering designation (making each coin/book set unique), have already been completed and are gorgeous. The special cases to hold and protect the coins arrived this week and look terrific.

In other good news, the William Peter Blatty’s Lost Screenplay Collection has also been sent to the printer! Because there are five separate volumes/books in this set, the slipcases won’t start production until the printer is done. I could try to use dummy books to get the sizing right, but there is such a high degree of error when it comes to multiple dummy books for a set like this, I figure it is better to wait for the real books to be safe and get the slipcases just right. I will post an update when the books are finished and my slipcase maker starts his work.

Thank you, as always, for your support and your patience with these projects!

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